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6 News reports
A creature has been haunting a small Claiborne County town for the last few days, some have caught it on camera with videos or pictures. Over the weekend the beast walked the streets of downtown Cumberland Gap and did the same Halloween night.
Mark Slezak of New Tazewell designed and built the beast he calls Vortex, adding there’s no need to be scared.

“He fights for good,” said Slezak.

It takes 20-30 minutes to put the costume on, which Slezak’s brother Scott wears, and it stands 10 feet tall.

“I started in July, about July 19, and I carved every bit. It’s all soft furniture foam and I carved it all out with a razor knife,” added Slezak.

The inspiration came from another beast costume found online. Slezak says he designed his costume as he cut.

The Vortex costume is so intricate, there’s a blue-tooth sound system inside, which is controlled by a phone, to play sounds of a lion roaring.

Slezak says the people who designed the original costume for an amusement park in Hong Kong reached out to him saying how flattered they were with his creation and that he did a great job.


WYMT News reports

Testimony continued Tuesday in a Knox County murder trial. On May 9, 2014, Donald Mills was gunned down inside his home.

More than three years later, Patrick Baker and Elijah Messer are now standing trial. Testimony began Monday.

Prosecutors argue a group of people, including Baker and Messer, dressed up as U.S. Marshals, broke into Mills’ home and demanded drugs and cash.

Police say Baker shot and killed Donald Mills during the incident.

Angela Mills pleaded guilty in the case last December to a conspiracy to commit robbery charge, reducing her sentence to five years.

Christopher Wagner has also already pleaded guilty in the case. He has not yet testified in this case but agreed to as part of his plea agreement.


Also from WYMT News

Two men are behind bars after Laurel county officials found them passed out in a vehicle.

Deputies arrested the two off of Goodin Lane around 11 miles south of London Monday evening. They were found with needles.

River Humfleet, 21, was charged with public intoxication for the use of controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia along with a warrant of arrest for not appearing in court after giving a police officer a fake name or address.

James H. Smith, 34, was also charged with public intoxication for the use of controlled substances.

Both men were held at the Laurel County Detention Center.


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