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Two regular monthly meetings took place last night, the first was the Middlesboro Board of Education, at the meeting it was announced that the Superintendent search committee will look over the applications and make a decision in a couple of weeks. The Middlesboro City council also met with several items on the agenda. These meetings will be televised on MCTV 22 with the MBOE tonight at 10pm and the city council Thursday night at 10pm.
The Daily News reports
With both a steady plan for rejuvenations and exceptional test scores, the Pineville Independent School District seems to be well on their way to writing this school year off as a success.

Monday evening’s Pineville School Board meeting featured an appearance from Bill Richardson, who is in charge of organizing, and carrying through with, the architectural improvements the district is soon to undergo.

Richardson, owner of Richardson Associates Architects, gave a brief update on the status of the paperwork, which is more than half complete.This means the beginning of the rejuvenations is right around the corner.


The Harlan Daily Enterprise reports

A rock fall that killed an employee at a Whitley County surface coal mine in March happened after the operator failed to identify and correct hazardous conditions, according to a federal report.

The mine operator did not prevent employees from working in a potentially dangerous spot between a machine and the rock wall above the area being mined, according to the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration accident report.

Joseph W. Partin, 33, was working on a machine when a 2-ton rock fell from the highwall above and crushed him.


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