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The Claiborne Progress reports
The man who was placed last month on the TBI Ten Most Wanted List has been indicted by the Claiborne Grand Jury on a string of charges that include attempted first-degree murder.
David DeWayne Evans, 31, and his alleged accomplice Dean Franklin Clark, 25, will face a combined 19 charges that also include attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony and facilitation to attempt to commit first-degree murder.

Evans allegedly led law enforcement in the Tri-State area on a circuitous three-week chase that eventually ended with his capture on June 7. Evans has both a Middlesboro address and a Claiborne County address, according to Claiborne County Sheriff David Ray during a news conference immediately after Evans was captured. Ray said that Evans has at least seven outstanding warrants on various charges against him in Bell County and the City of Middlesboro, some felony offenses. He added that Evans was out on bond in another jurisdiction as well.

Evans and Clark are currently being held inside the Claiborne County Jail on a $1 million secured bond, each.


WYMT News reports

A woman is behind bars for trying to use a fraudulent credit card.

A grand jury has charged Bonnie Garcia for trying to purchase at least $10,000 worth of items with an invalid credit card.

Officials say Garcia also stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.


Also from WYMT News

$100 bills for sale on eBay, ended up in Clay County.

Manchester Police said counterfeit $100 bills used at a restaurant Tuesday, were purchased online. While collecting novelty bills is allowed, officers say using them as U.S. currency is illegal.

“It is illegal, even possessing it is illegal, if you think you’ve got some, you can bring it to the police department and we’ll check it out for you,” said Patrick Robinson, Assistant Chief of Police, Manchester Police Department.

Robinson said businesses should make sure they have a pen to check for counterfeit money, and also check the water marks on the bills they receive.

Manchester Police say they do have a person of interest regarding some of this money.

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