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At last nights Middlesboro School Board meeting usual business was conducted along with discussions of the current projects going on in the district. A representative from a company that specializes in surfacing running tracks made a presentation to the board in regards to the high school track renovations. The new food source director spoke about the summers feeding program where over 500 kids daily were served and the benefits they provided. In other school board news Wayland Allen was announced as the new Assistant Superintendent for the district. MCTV 22 will replay the meeting this evening at 10pm on ch.22 and digital 22.103.
The Middlesboro City Council also met last night and held the 1st reading of the new city code enforcement ordinance that will provide the city with more power to enforce codes. Watch the meeting on mctv Thursday at 10pm for a complete rundown of what will be covered under new codes. MCTV is broadcasted on Spectrum cable ch.22 and digital 22.103.
The Daily News reports 
This summer Main Street Pineville began a test-run of Main Street Live! on the Courthouse Square in Pineville. Main Street Live! was created to provide nightlife entertainment featuring local music.
MSP scheduled five dates for live music to take place along with local food, drinks and other activities. Due to inclement weather, one of the dates was canceled. The Asa Mills Band headlined the first Main Street Live! event on June 29. This Thursday, Richard Gambrel and Ken Wilson will take the stage. The final two dates will be Aug. 3 and 17.
No admission is charged at the event. Local restaurants allow meals to be carried into the event area. No outside alcohol is allowed in the event, however it is available for purchase in the event area. The event provides a small boost to downtown restaurants.
Main Street Pineville Executive Director Jacob Roan said “As more restaurants plan to open in downtown Pineville, we hope events similar to this become part of our routine in Pineville. Local entrepreneurs are willing to choose downtown Pineville as their home.
It is Main Street Pineville’s job to provide a financial boost through events that bring people into town. Hopefully Main Steet Live! will span out to a 12-15 week series next year and other events will be added to help retain business in Pineville and to continue the growth we are currently experiencing.”
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