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On Tuesday 117 people were told that the local Dura Line plant was closing.
Officials with Dura-Line said they plan to close the plant by December 15th.
According to information obtained by News Center 22 the reason for the closure was a strategic restructuring of the other locations in Ohio and Georgia to better serve their customers.
Non-union employees will receive a severance package and Union Members will receive compensation from the Union.
In other major news for the city of Middlesboro it will now become a moist city where Alcohol can be served in restaurants —-by a vote of 1298 for —1179 against. Just 119 votes separated the citizens.
The last time an effort like this was made in the area was in the 1960s and it did not have the option of moist, only full wet.

Those who pushed the moist issue believes that this will help the unemployment problem in Middlesboro and draw more businesses to the area and create more jobs. The Local economy will feel the effects of Tuesday’s announcement of the job loss of 117 employees when Dura Line announced closure of their factory in Middlesboro .


At the regular monthly meeting of the Middlesboro Board of Education the local contractor gave an update on the remodeling progress of the schools and how they plan on staying the course during the school year. The board also approved the tax rate for 2015 for real estate and personal property at a rate of 51.3 cents and the motor vehicle rate of 56 cents. Next on the agenda was the approval of the board to rescind the recallable nickel tax. After citizens showed their concerns of the tax requested, the board decided to rescind it.


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